About us

Who we are

SANA Solutions is a leading provider of Managed Integrated Solutions (MIS) that enhance enterprise capability security management, systems network, security operations and more.

With a focus on end user needs, SANA delivers optimized system performance and strategic value through more secured electronic systems.

Since 1990 and we are providing electronic systems for companies of various sizes and industries,

SANA has mastered the art of improving Integrated Solutions (IS) processes. With a history rooted in continuous improvement and a future driven by technology, we are uniquely qualified to take your organization to the next level of efficiency.

SANA combines world-class security systems with advanced practices to remove inefficiencies and increase productivity for our clients.

What we do

SANA is a scalable, world-class offering geared to the needs of mid-to-large sized organizations. We customize our solutions to fit your specifications, supported by exceptional systems.

Our team players provide insights designed to move the needle in your managed integrated solutions (MIS) programs.

We can help with the security consulting and strategy needed to help advance your security posture and optimize the investments you’ve already made. Services can be tailored to your enterprise requirements, supplementing all electronic needs.

Our Mission

Helping our clients to watch and follow all the processes and parties in the important work fields, and choose the suitable tools to guarantee safety for both the individuals and properties, providing all ways of technical support and after sales services.

Our Goal

Making SANA Company the standard idol, in leading the competition regarding to the Integrated Solutions Market.

SANA's Values